13-11-2018國際食品安全協會2018週年會議、7週年晚宴暨食品安全頒獎典禮 國際食安營商計畫啟動禮

10-11-2018 International Food Safety Symposium 2018

8-9-2018 Visited Sweet Fashion House

22-3-2018 IFSA Spring Dinner 2018

15-3-2018 Career Talk 2018

8/5/2017 HOFEX 2017- day1

9-5-2017 HOFEX 2017 - day2

The Wife of the HKSAR Chief Executive visited Our HOFEX Booth

25-11-2016 Annual General Meeting & Dinner -1

7-11-2017 AGM2017

18-3-2017 Career Talk 2017

1-3-2017 IFSA Spring Dinner

7-12-2016 Food Safety Forum 2016

15-10-2016 ALS Laboratory Visit

8-7-2016 Food SMEs Seminar Series 4: Track & Trace: from farm to fork

8-6-2016 Food SMEs Seminar Series 3 : Opportunities with Emerging Food Innovation

3-5-2016 Food SMEs Seminar Series 2 : Winning Strategies in Food Industry Marketing

23-4-2016 Career Talk 2016

7-4-2016 IFSA Spring Dinner

1-4-20116 Food SMEs Seminar Series 1: Strategic Data Management on Food Safety

26-11-2015 Annual General Meeting & Dinner - 2

7-11-2015 Food Safety Seminar


26-11-2015 Annual General Meeting & Dinner - 1

18-7-2015 Plant visit to Ajisen

HOFEX 2015 Photo

6-9/5/2015 HOFEX 2015 and Food Safety Seminar

21-3-2015 Career Talk 2015

13-3-2015 Food Safety Seminar and Spring Dinner of the Year of Goat

15-2-2015 Hiking Activity

29-11-2014 Photo of AGM

24/101/2014 Plant Visit Lee Kum Kee (Xin Hui)

29-11-2014 Food Safety Seminar cum Annual General Meeting 2014

13-6-2014 Visit to CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories

21/8/2014 Plant Visit Lee Kum Kee (Tai Po)

26-4-2014 Career Talk 2014

12-4-2014Visit to Food Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

22-2-2014 Spring Dinner

12/10/2013Annual General Meeting 2013 cum Food Safety Seminar

7-10/5/2013 HOFEX 2013 and Food Safety Seminar

9/3/2013 Food Safety Seminar and Spring Dinner

19/1/2013 BBQ

24/11/2012 Plant Visit Lee Kum Kee (Xin Hui)

7/7/2012 Annual General Meeting2012 cum Food Safety Seminar

23/3/2012 Career Talk

25/2/2012 Organic Farm Visit

19/11/2011 Organic Farming and Food Safety Workshop

29/10/2011 Plant Visit Lee Kum Kee (Tai Po)

13/8/2011 Inauguration Ceremony of The IFSA& Food Safety Seminar








24 – 26 April 2018 | Suntec Singapore and Singapore Expo

A core component of FHA, the FHA International Conference will take place on 24-26 April 2018, across two venues – Singapore Expo and Suntec Singapore.

In 2016, about 400 attendees participated this biennial conference held alongside FHA - a mega tradeshow synonymous with the food and hospitality industry in Asia and beyond. 500+ attendees are expected to participate in the 2018 edition.

The 3-day action packed conference will discuss the latest trends, topical challenges and best practices in the industries. It will host multiple concurrent conferences packed with masterclasses, site visits, networking sessions, useful user case studies and interactive panel discussions.

Click visit our website at http://www.foodnhotelasia.com/fha-conference/preliminary-programme for the preliminary programme.

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.foodnhotelasia.com/fha-conference/, or contact Ally Koong at ally.koong@ubm.com

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