「Food Safety Symposium 2019」

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International Food Safety Association(IFSA) will hold a food safety symposium on 16/2/2019 09:00-13:00. The symposium invited food safety professionals from gov and industries to share the latest information and experience on improving and establishing food safety management. Moreover, it will introduce the new project from IFSA, namely “International Food Safety Enterprise Logo Scheme” and talk about how it will help industries to establish and promote food safety management.​





10 November 2018 (Saturday) 

IFSA Food Seminar

"Pathway for Safer Food and Global Market Access for your Food Products" 


DATE  : 10 November 2018 (Saturday) 

TIME  : 10:00 – 17:00 

VENUE  : TU101, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom 

ADMISSION : Free (Refreshments will be served)

MEDIUM  : English/ Cantonese (presentation materials in English / Chinese)

Enquiry:  Ms Ming Tang

Assistant Marketing Manager – “British Standards Institution (BSI)”

Tel: +852 3149 3324 / Email: haming.tang@bsigroup.com

  Online Registration https://page.bsigroup.com/l/73472/2018-09-27/fh4lt6



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